What is mealbank.net?

A simple web site designed to share meals with others and plan savory meals for the week. With a powerful mealbank at your fingertips, creativity will thrive and meals will pour into your belly!

Enter recipe into MealBank, Plan Meals, Easy Shopping with Grocery list

Why was the site created?

Recipes are so old school. They are simply not functional in this high tech world. A paper recipe gets lost and requires a lot of preparation. Traditional online recipes still require a lot of preparation to complete the meal. In other words delicious meals get lost and we fall back to creating the same old dishes we can remember while shopping at the grocery. This mealbank has a patented special recipe format which brings the recipe to life. The economy of creating meals requires the meal to be prepared more than once, thus reusing many of the ingredients. Too often, meals are expensive to make because there is no commonality between meals.


Here are the features of this site:

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