easy lasagna
Meal Nameeasy lasagna
Descriptionquick easy cheater lasagna
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Intention Dinner

ServingsTime to MakeCalories
0 15 mins 0

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Recipe Ingredients
 Ingredient NameAmount
(eg. 1/2 cup)
 cottage cheese12 ounce container
 Ground Beef1 lb
 mozzarella cheese1lb
 noodles - lasagne1 bag
 Spaghetti Sauce1-2 jars

fry up 1lb ground beef
mix meat with spaghetti sauce
layer thin layer of meat sauce on bottom of 9x9 or 9x11 pan
lay a layer of noodles (flat layer)over sauce
then add a layer of cottage cheese
then layer of mozzarella cheese
layer of sauce
repeat as many times as you wish
end with sauce
cook 45/ 1 hr or till noodles are tender with foil over it