cold pasta salad w/ optional chicken
Meal Namecold pasta salad w/ optional chicken
Descriptionnoodles veggies and dressing
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Intention Dinner

ServingsTime to MakeCalories
6 0 mins 170

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Recipe Ingredients
 Ingredient NameAmount
(eg. 1/2 cup)
 any other desired veggiesas desired
 Bell Pepper - Red1 cup
 bell pepper- orange1 cup
 bell pepper-yellow1 cup
 black olives -optional1/2 cup-1 cup
 celery1/2 cup
 cheese (any kind you desire i use chedder)1 cup
 cherry tomatoes1 package
 chicken breasts- diced -optionaldesired amount
 onions1 small/med onion
 Rigatoni Pasta Noodles (3 color kind)1 package
 Zesty Italian Dressingas desired

boil noodles till tender, put in fridge to cool. this can be done up to 12 hours in advance.
when wanting to serve add. All veggies are optional, all cut to size of liking i cube/dice mine. if you want chicken in it cut them into chunks and cook using seasoning salt garlic and pepper. also chicken needs to go in fridge to cool.
add all diced veggies to cold noodles toss add chicken toss again. instead of adding dressing to the whole bowl pour your desired amount on your serving, pasta last longer that way and some like the taste strong others do not this pleases everyone.
add some Parmesan on top for added flavor.
all amounts are standard you can add more or not as much for your liking
GREAT FOR SUMMER DINNER remember the more colorful it is the more vitamins
you are getting. calories is with out chicken