Mealbank Tutorial - How to play with food.

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This page will help you get started with mealbank.
Section 1 - Exploring the Community
Everybody enters the site at the mealBank community page. It is shown below. The community has the ability to see the top rated meals, recently added meals, browse through all the meals, or search for a specific meal.
For example, a click Browse Meals in the 'Meal Search' tab on the community page to see all the meals available from the community.
By clicking on a meal the recipe will be displayed. A recipe for Shredded Beef is below. A recipe is divded into three parts. The first are items helping describe the meal such as a detailed description, number of servings, and time to make. The Preparation section describes how to make the meal. The Meal Ingredients section includes the inredients and amounts to make the meal.
Section 2 - Introduction to Meal Planning
The powerful features of mealbank come out when using it to perform meal planning. Meal planning is when you select what you want to eat out of the meals available to you on mealbank The mealbank is a collection of all your hard to find recipes stored in various places throughout your house that you never make because they are not readily available. Any recipe from the community can be selected too.

To get started meal planning we first need to pick a few meals from the community that will be good to eat.From the community page Click on Shredded-Beef under Top Rated Meals
The recipe displays. At the top of the page click Add Meal to My Favorites. This marks the recipe as a recipe you want to have avaiable to choose from when meal planning.

Now we can select another meal using a differnt method. Go back to the community page and click Browse Meals in the Meal Search tab.
Click on Pasta Salad, the recipe will appear. Add this meal to My Favorites.
Next, go back to My Meals and select Search and Update Meals. You see that both meals are now listed under My Favorites.
Now that there are a few meals available to plan with, it is time to plan the meals.

Go back to My Meals.
Click Plan Meals.
Under the first days row (Fri Sep 26 in this example), select Pasta Salad from the Possible Meals column and click add to move the meal to the Selected Meals Column. Under the second days row (Sat Sept 27th in this example), select Shredded-Beef and click add to move the meal to the Selected Meals Category. The X to the left of the selected meal will unselect the meal if you make a mistake.
Now meal planning is complete. As you see, each time you meal plan it only takes a few clicks to complete.

It's time to go to the grocery! Go to My Meals. Click Grocery List.
The list is grouped by section within the grocery for easy shopping.

Here is a more typical example of a meal plan for the week:
The corresponding grocery list is: